Animal Rescue Unit

The Animal Rescue Unit (ARU) of “The Happy Donkey” Association is snowed under with work.


From little sparrows that have fallen out of the nest, horses trapped in ditches, eagles in a bad way ….. They just keep coming. But we’re not giving up. Sometimes we have very happy outcomes such as the case of a little owl called “OJITOS”.

It’s a tawny owl and is a very dynamic nocturnal bird of prey which eats insects, small invertebrates and even moths.  


“OJITOS” was brought to us by our good friend Mogro. He is great animal lover (especially dogs) and found this little owl in a sorry state on the road and didn’t know what to do with it. 


We quickly got to work. The first thing was to advise the SEPRONA (Environmental Protection Service) of the Spanish Civil Guards to let them know we had a little owl in our care.


The next thing, in accordance with our protocol, was to try and nurse the owl back to health before, as is mandatory, hand it over to The Centre for the Protection of Endangered Species.


“OJITOS” didn’t want to eat at first and that gave us cause for much concern. We thought it might be due to stress, but little by little it began to accept little morsels of rabbit, which we fed it three times a day.


And……….. a miracle!! Three days later the little owl was completely different. It looked much better and was really happy and chirpy.


But “OJITOS” had to be returned to the wild …. We had no right to deprive it of its freedom. 


Our work continues so please let us know if you come across anything our ARU may be able to help: CONTACT .


It’s not always possible for us due to how far away some requests come from, but we do what we can.


Sparrows, owls, eagles, ducklings, donkeys …….they’re not alone. The have your support and that of “The Happy Donkey” Association”.